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Dr. Leonardo A. Gonzales, Ph D.

Dr. Gonzales was the valedictorian of class 1960 and good friend of the Gen. Manny Navarrete.  He was the Guest speaker of the first Grand Alumni Homecoming in 2002 who luckily won a Honda Civic car in the grand raffle draw.

He is an award-winning author, who wrote over 180 technical articles related to agricultural policy, feasibility studies, food and agriculture economics, and agri-business development.  He graduated B.S. Education degree in St. Mary’s University, an M.S. Economics degree from the Asian Social Institute, and a Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics from the University of Tennessee.  During the NAST Annual Scientific Meeting in July 2008, he presented one of his publication entitled “Four Seasons of Commercialization Monitoring and Evaluating the Socio-Economic Impact of Bt Corn in the Philippines” and won as Best Monograph Award.   Click here to see more of his books and publication made. (Source: http://www.socialenterprise.ph/speakers).

MAKING A DIFFERENCE: Dr. Leonardo A. Gonzales is the founding president and chairman of the Society Towards Reinforcing Inherent Viability for Enrichment (SIKAP/STRIVE, Inc.) – a non-stock, non-profit organization engaged in policy research, advocacy, and values education.  He is also senior policy researcher and an international consulting agricultural economist.  To date, he still give support to SJA like the creation of Alumni office through the help of his friend Gen. Navarrete.


sja89_marilou_MMarilou Maranion-Glover, RN

In 1989 a lot of Jeromian high school graduates took nursing courses in college but no one expected that Marilou would graduate abroad.   Marilou is a down-to-earth person who came from Lantap Elementary School and graduated in SJA as an ordinary student. During the late 80’s she’s unforgettable because of her kinky hair.

Before she went to the USA, she enrolled in Basic Computer course in Manila. She did not finish the engineering courses because in 1991 she migrated to the U.S.    After the BSN courses at St. Xavier University in Chicago, she worked for five years at Evergreen Health Nursing Home, Mercy Hospitals and as part-time registered nurse University of Chicago Hospitals today.   She is very supportive in giving medical mission services whenever she visits the Philippines. She is also an active mover of their Elementary Batch Foundation which was established a year ago.  After twenty five years, she looks lovelier though she has three kids from hubby Mr. Glover.

MAKING A DIFFERENCE:  There are only a few alumni like Marilou. She has found the way to fully exploit her educational endeavors in engineering and medical courses while tempering that knowledge with her personal experience.   Marilou is also a practitioner and a firm believer of the “how can I use what I know to help right now” doctrine.  Her education and experiences have made her a very strong, well rounded, and benevolent person.  Marilou is truly exemplifies what it means to be a professional and a Jeromian graduate.



Oliver is a graduate of Philippine Military Academy (PMA) batch of 1996 with a Bachelor of Science in Aeronautical Science and was the recipient of the Secretary of National Defense saber for graduating number three and the Commanding General, Philippine Air Force (PAF) saber for being the highest ranking cadet in his batch joining the PAF.  He also holds a Master of Logistics Management from the University of Sydney in Australia.

Oliver was a consistent honor student during his elementary and high school days wherein he graduated at Saint Jerome’s Academy in 1988 as Salutatorian and he received several other awards such as the Mercury Drug Best in Science Award, Mercury Drug Best in Math Award, and the SJA 1988 NCEE Top Notcher Award.  He continued to excel academically while in the Philippine Air Force.  He finished as number 2 in their Basic Officer’s Course, graduated as number 2 in the Undergraduate Pilot Training at the Philippine Air Force Flying School, and graduated number 1 in the Squadron Officer’s  Course (advance course) while receiving numerous awards as well on the said courses.

After 21 years of faithful services in the military, he opted to retire early. He is currently flying with the Philippine Airlines (PAL) and already given the chance to meet his former batchmates in Vancouver, Canada and in London, United Kingdom.

He is also married to Mrs. Mary Glenne Basilio-Ibarra with son and two daughters.

MAKING A DIFFERENCE:  Aside from being down to earth person and being raised from an ordinary Ilocano family, Oliver is a very humble and God-fearing man. But even if he’s man of few of words, when you mingle with him he shares bright ideas and expect him to be interesting.  He is also a family man who is always there to support his wife and kids.


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