Click to see the real me. “The word is sharper than any two-edged sword.”

This page is created by me (Vergel “Verge” Rebuta),  a Batch 89 alumnus of  St. Jerome’s Academy High School in Bagabag, Nueva Vizcaya, to encourage believers, schoolmates and others to share information.  Jeromians means all believers and followers of Saint Jerome, the Doctor.   Believers for Catholic christians while followers for non-catholics.

My ultimate aim is to develop writers of stories and truthful articles online in order to have knowledge-based program for future references.   I believe that any information should always be coupled with a source, because its just a waste of time (also money) reading unrealiable messages.   Likewise, I need other’s help to keep this site of “not so serious” type or “less socialization” type,  but not informal, and let every viewer enjoy reading our stories, especially the former parish priest of Bagabag (mostly CICM).

Just like  St. Jerome, patron saint of the librarians, scripture scholars, students, and, translators and interpreters,  I decided to create this site to encourage fellow jeromians maintain an online diary.  Many thanks to my first year high school teacher who taught to make a diary.  Unluckily, i lost that precious diary of mine, and perhaps it’s a great pleasure to share one’s slumbook on this site to relive the past.  By the way, I’m giving away “2015 Philippine Papal Visit” t-shirt for all who share their stories in this site.

I’m a freelance techno-preneur and my biggest competitor is TIME.  You can contact me also thru 0926-1038954 (Globe-TM) or 0923-2381855 (SUN cellular).  You can also send tweets (#novovizcayano) or message (FB:novovizcayano).

This site will not be possible without the help of my cousin (TH) from batch 2K, that’s why it’s jeromian with “s”.   By the way, I’m not a computer ninja but I easily learn and understand how things work about computer problems because I’m a computer science graduate.  I’m  a former knights of the altar and I love ninja movies.  I’m a practical catholic person too.

My Guiding Principles:

1 . Show Jesus Alive – Fr. Theo Bonarius
2.  “Ignorance of the Bible is ignorance of God” – St. Jerome (the Doctor)
3.  The word is sharper than any two-edged sword. – Hebrews 4:2
4.  Share your Blessings.

If you have queries about this site, just send your message the email address below:


Updated : 30 October 2015


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