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2015 Basketball Game RESULT (12-27-2015)

Show Jesus Alive!
Let’s play it with basketball as brothers and sisters.  This idea of mine is a revelation whether you, as jeromian, can still play basketball this time.   The word hype today for basketball, is the the term “hoops”.  Unlike, in the my high school days, I used the word “cagers” for basketball player.   Today, hoops is a more related to basketball like the site where you can find the salary of a Filipino-blooded,  Nate Robinson.   At forty two years old, I believe I can still shoot but running more from court to court is questionable because I don’t do regular physical exercise.

This initiative is a way to encourage my fellow St. Jerome followers, to do more physical activity especially to those who are in age 40 bracket.   We just finish our Silver anniversary last December 2014 with no sports-oriented activity and I like to remind the Jubilarians this year to incorporate such activity.


Brgy. Capt. Bulan, Jubilarian_90 and Vergel “Jell” Rebuta of Batch_89 agreed for a tune-up game.

Thanks to Batch88 and Class92 who joined my invitation to play last January 18, 2015 at SJA Basketball court.  Luckily, I was able to meet last time Mr.  Romeo Bulan (B90), who suggested for a tune-up game this coming March 29 (reset to June 13).   I told him that the final game will happen during or prior to their Silver Anniversary Celebration before the year ends.

Thus, I need the support of others basketball fanatics who can play, manage or act as a referee in order to materialize this event.   This initiative is not connected to SJABAFI programs but I’m not closing the door for opportunities.  We welcome 3rd-4th High School players too, if there is a permission from the Principal (Madam Laguardia) .  For comments and suggestions, leave your message below or just join the FBgroup: Sjahoops.  You may also call me at 0926-1038954/0998-9758294 or click below to register.curry_1A

 Tune-up Game Report (June 13, 2015 @ SJA Basketball)
by Vergel
More than 10 batch representative attended the June 13  tune-up game of  Jubilarian90 and SJA80s.  Three games was played in the morning only while others joined 3 more games in the afternoon.    There is a demand by the younger batch alumni (a player from class 2002 and 2005) to join the solid team match.  Thus, it was opened to the players present there to have a Elimination round for the solid team match opponent of SJA class ’92.  One of the solid prime movers of this cris_paul1event are the players of Batch92 headed by Atty. Orville Ibarra.   He signified early that they will compete as solid team, thus, this type of Team division was created.   Actually, I originally planed only for 2 game match (Jubilarian and All-star).   I think it’s best to consider their request to become the challenger of Solid Game match. Since there are several teams who like to join, I informed Fr. Resty to have an elimination round for this category on September in SJA court. But he told me that he will fix first the schedule since the fiesta month of our patron St. Jerome.

Atty. Ibarra suggested have a barrio basketball clinic every other week as an option in holding the elimination round.   I gave to attendees of the official FB discussion topic page #sjahoops and told them to register online by using the form below. I hope the players will register immediately, so that we can schedule the teams for elimination round.

Another thing to consider is the selection process of the All-star line-up. As one of the organizer, I will create a steering committee tha will handle the selection of players. For the venue of this event, I was able convinced Kgd. Calauad of (SJA01) to request for the Bagabag gymnasium on the game time.

Final Game (With official referee and uniform)
Tentative date of Play:  / Oct. 31 or Nov. 1 or 2 /  Nov. 28 or 29 or 30 / Dec. 28 or 29 or 30
Class 70s/60s/50s are welcome to officiate the game only.

1. Jubilarian Game (Class90 (silver annivsary) vs. Jeromians_of_the_80s )
(Maximum of 15 players for Batch90 and 12 players for Bagets_80)
2. Exhibition All-Star Game – (Maroon-Stars  Team vs. Navy Bluers Team)
(Maximum of 12 players per team.   Two Fourth year HS Students may be included per
team with the permission from their advisers)
3.  Solid but Friendly Match/Game.
Game 3:  Batch_X versus Batch_Y or Group_Z
(e.g. Sample Teams
a.  Any Solid Batch Team with minimum of 10-players
b.  Former and 2 Current 4th year Knights of the Altars
c.   KofC/Jeromians KOA (former and current Knights of the Altar )
d.  Jeromians who are Masons
e.  SPD Javarrr of Batch89 Kada Team

The Final date will be finalized by Jubilarian_90 team.  They must also wear Gray/Silver colored uniform in relation the Silver Anniversary celebration motiff.  We are open to suggestions and sponsorship.  Updated: 30 October 2015


Player Requirements  –>>> click here to view/download >>>>> 










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