Happy Valentine’s Day to Kobe

Bryant and Cook at Staples Center (2010)This year is the last valentine’s day of Kobe Bryant (Laker’s No.24 and 8), and All-star game appearance as he announced last year his retirement this 2015-16 NBA season.

I just like to add my personal opinion about his basketball career that is not comparable to anybody, by not just considering performances in the basketball court.  Statistically,   he is nearly compared to Michael Jordan of Chicago Bulls, who reached NBA finals after seven years of experience.  Like Lebron James (CAVS#23), who did not also go to college because of NBA career,  Kobe stepped to the NBA finals arena after five years of career.  The only difference is, Kobe got his first ring while James did not (Cavs_vs._Spurs).   But, one thing I love with Kobe is his loyalty to Lakers’ fans for staying with the team until his twilight years.   Aside from being “rookie of the year”, I can’t expressed anymore words for Kobe, just correct my table of comparison among the 3 greatest NBA players of all-time.

K_Bryant L_James M_Jordan
No. of Championship Rings 5 2 6
Yrs. played before going to Finals 5

(won against Pacers)


(lost with Spurs Team


(won against Lakers)

MVP Awards (Season) 1 2 5
Dunk Contest Win/s 1 0 (didn’t join yet) 2

Thanks to the site http://doin-work.com/2010/02/14/happy-valentines-day!

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