NOTE: The the domain http://www.jeromians.net is open for opportunities.   But,  I will be more glad if the SJABAFI officers will buy from me.   If you are interested, email me at vrgl [at] jeromians.net.   By the way, these are some of products and services I offer:

1.  Write for your Class or Batch

Let us help each other! Write a story about your experiences or batch stories for a cause and I will look for sponsors who will give you an incentives.  I believe others are excited to know what’s happening in you or our town Bagabag.   Thus, I’m giving tips on how write your article or story.

The basic of news article writing is defining the 4W’s: Who, What, Where and When.  The impact of your article will depend on the arrangement of the 4Ws where will matter the other elements (e.g. picture) of the content.  For example, your picture element is an action scene like the Dental Mission , I think it is best to start writing it by answering a “What” statement.   By the way, all articles/write-ups will include an author or pseudo name as well.


1.  Submit your article to vrgl@jeromians.net.
2.  Your stories need not to be always a group idea.  You can also submit personal stories of
different occasions like:
a. weddings or anniversaries
b. graduation or passing of board examination.
c. burial or commemorations
d. upcoming event/reunion
e. birthdays, baptisms, or debut
3.  Give me a 1-2 days to edit and verify the content of your article.
4.  Picture size should be of minimum size (640×480 pixels) .
5.  It’s helpful also if you let others edit or comment your article.  Of course, you will need extra time to do this additional work.  I think you have need this Proofreader’s marks coding.


For every article approved, you can have a Papal Visit shirt as an incentives.








2.  “Wear the Gospel” and Other Shirts For Sale

If you like this site,  buy some of the items below.  Just contact me thru cp: +63923-2381855 or leave a message here.   I’m open for any opportunities, like business advertisements, in order to maintain this site and its domain name.   Donations are welcome too.

Show Jesus Alive -I love SJA t-shirt 












Click here for more sample Jeromians Jackets   Jeromian-jacket10







3.  For Rent

Visit the smallest volcano in the world and stay at Balai Isabel Resort at Talisay, Batangas (45-min. away from Manila). For reservations, send SMS at +63926-1038954

Last Updated 20.02.15

Note: if you like to sell  or advertise something on this site, please fill-up the form and I will contact you.



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