A Gift for Fr. Theo’s 89th year


(L-R) SJA89 and SJAhoops mover, V. Rebuta with Madam Bay and SJA Batch ’01 Ben Calauad at Bagabag Gymnasium on Dec. 27, 2015.












As a graduate of class 89 of Saint Jerome’s Academy, I told Fr. Theo that my projector screen gift for his 89th year (November 3, 2015) will be donated to SJA High School department particularly for Senior High. And he gave me an answer “ let us remain united in 2016 and pray for each other”.  Not just as kind school administrator twenty years ago, I like to commend his leadership in establishing the SJA Parish Credit Cooperative Incorporated or the “”SJAPC coop”.   This institution has already it’s own building situated at the back of SJA High is more than years already and the member are still growing.

The gift I gave to reminds my college days wherein the SJAPC coop extended financial services to my parents as borrower/member for my educational finances.  After I graduated in college, I also joined the said institution as borrower.  I think other families experienced too as borrowers that helped their students graduate in high school and college.  Since there was no commercial bank before in town, the easiest way to borrow money is through SJAPC coop.

One of my reason to donate such equipment is to help SJA HS in completing the new K-12 facility requirements for senior high level.

I just wish to the Lord for another birthday year for Fr. Theo’s fruitful life.  His assignment here in the Philippines is a blessing in disguised for Bagabag town folks because he was assigned originally in Indonesia before but the Embassy did not gave him a clearance because he is a Dutchman during 1954.  Even though he’s a diabetic patient, he still manage to conduct a simple mass services at the age of 89.   Sad to say he cannot travel anymore to Bagabag due to health concern.  Happy Birthday “po” father! <n_v>

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