A day with the Pope


DAY_1: At 5:25 pm January 15, Pope Francis arrived at Villamor airbase,  Pasay City. When the airplane landed he was warmly welcome by all people who are happy to see him.  All Christian Catholic people cannot wait and very excited him to get down on the plane.  Pope Francis at first, he is just peeping on the window which makes all the people missed him so much.  When the door of the plane opened and he get down he was welcomed by Pres. Aquino and VP. Binay, Cardinal, Bishop, and lay people and other members of the cabinet. He was given a high honor of excellency by cadets in uniform and youth dancer.  Especially by the catholic people through shouting of words “Pope Francis we Love you”.  When Pope Francis ride to his Pope Mobile and do the motorcade going to Apostolic nuncioture where he will stay, different emotion expressed by all people.  All of them were very excited and very happy I do feel the same way too. I also pray that he will accomplish his mission in our country.

DAY_2: On the second day of Pope Francis that was January 16, he went to Malacañang Palace to visit our president he was signed to the guest book witnessed by our president after that they entered to private room to talk about other issue and business.  When all was done to the Malacañang he proceed to Manila Cathedral and gave holy mass to the cardinal, bishop, priest and nuns. He expressed the importance of the catholic faith and teaching of jesus Christ spread to all people. He also blessed the disable nuns. He done also a side trip to orphanage home which is nearby the cathedral. As I watching this on television I attentively hear and understand his mission in our country. On the afternoon of that same day, he went to SM-Mall of Asia Arena for meeting with the families.  He meet different families of the poor and share different life experience and state.  He emphasize the importance of family in the society, then importance of together of each member of family especially the migrant worker.

DAY_3: January 17, Saturday, Pope Francis went to Tacloban City which is his main purpose of coming here.  He would like to meet the Yolanda victim and show them the Compassion and Mercy of Jesus Christ.  By celebrating the holy mass and giving inspirational homilies to all the people of Tacloban.  Although he did not accomplish all the schedule plan due to bad weather condition because of typhoon “Amang”, Pope Francis have his prayer and support to all Yolanda victims. Pope Francis leave Tacloban at 1pm and he arrived at Villamor Airbase by 3:10 pm.

DAY_4: January 18, Pope Francis went to University of the Sto. Thomas (UST) for Encounter with the youth.  He celebrated Holy mass and listen to the sharing of students and children of out of school youth who were kept by an orphanage now.  He received all their gifts and presents. Pope Francis expressed the importance of God in life despite of modern technologies and inventions like gadgets.  Jesus Christ must be center of our life. And also the cries and weep of all women as a sign of women’s expression of Christ believers.  In the afternoon of the same day he celebrated his last holy mass at Quirino Grandstand, the 6 million people attend this mass have given trust and strong faith to Jesus Christ, even they experienced wetness due to rain they never get tired waiting to attend the holy mass.  He was also given by praise and thanks by bishops and cardinals. Again the motorcade happened Pope Francis again show his unli smile and blessing to all Catholic Filipino people.

Note: This report is compiled by Tofi Rebuta.  Thanks for sharing!

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