Fr. Theo at 88

theo@88_smallBelated happy birthday to Fr. Theo.  I went to visit his place last November, but unfortunately he was not there.  At 88 years of age, he still conduct mass to the nearby community at CICM place Quezon City.   I visit him every quarter of the year and he seems to be strong and healthy.  I’m not sure if he still diabetic since we celebrated his birthday two years ago at CICM.  As far as I know, he was the longest parish priest of Bagabag, that’s why I have to pay respect especially when I passed by near on his place.  The other reason why I visit him is to seek for personal advice on how to follow the footstep of St. Jerome and the right path to the way of life.

I think his words to be remembered for all is the definition of SJA, which is means “Show Jesus Alive.”  As catholics celebration, 2014 is  the year of the Laity, it is not easy to do how to show that Jesus is real and alive.   This is a great challenge to my part as jeromian and I do hope other jeromians too from bagabag will help me in this way to christiandom.

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