40 is the new 20


I’m expecting a physical fitness  activity in our batch anniversary celebration last Dec. 28-29, 2014 and unluckily no one even think about it.   The first day of class reunion was attended by almost 30 alumni.  It was a red and blue colored silver anniversary celebration.  But I only attended out the first day with  a red-colored shirt gathering at Decabacan, Diadi due to some commitment set earlier.  Personally, I only think of one color for silver anniversary and that’s gray (silver grey of Lifeline brand).  For consideration of the class 90 silver anniversary this 2015, I found silver grey with Lifeline brand available in Divisoria, Manila.

At Decabacan, I met Tinong Miran (B88), whom I known to be a good basketball player since 1989.  Kiddingly aside, I tried to challenge him for a match-up with our batch and he accepted it. On January 18, twelve jeromians played in SJA quadrangle and thanks God it’s a cloudy day.  I wish I can start giving donation for the construction of basketball court’s roof if other jeromians will help.


Vergel R (b89) at Romeo B.(b90) residence

Most of the players are 40+ of age aside from Ryan of Batch 2007 and Bob of class 2010.  We played 6 times without referee and I think we (class88 and Class89), can still have a good play.   There was a suggestion from the group to repeat the activity in order promote active life and sportsmanship.   I think I found a new venue where to encourage jubilarians to celebrate their Silver anniversary with physical fitness activity.   The day after, I met Mr. Bulan of Batch90 and told about the basketball game.  He suggested to have a tune-up game with their batch on March.

This will be a next challenge to my part to coordinate with other alumni who are into basketball sports or fan.

Specials thanks to SJA class 92, who have the most number of players during that game.    Thanks to Alex D., Zinkee and Mr. Bacani (all 3 are non-jeromians) who also played against us.    As I age I become more health conscious and physical activity is very important to me.  I do hope the alumnae will have their own way too to testify the title of this article.  If you want to join jeromians basketball brotherhood, register here.

The players:

  1. Tinong Miran / Romel D. (B88)
  2. Vergel Rebuta (B89)
  3. Ryan Belmil (2010)
  4. Bob Cansino (2007)
  5. The Batch92 – Pol Andaya, Orville I., Edison N., Rodrigo M., Dominador M., Nanie Sioco and Anthony dela Fuente.

By the way, I love zumba too.  -Vergel (class89)

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