Earning silver and soaring for gold

25th_anniv-89_smallAs a jeromian follower, I’m thankful to my batchmates in High school for giving me a chance to socialize with them since 1989. Unlike before that it’s really hard for me to go on social gatherings because of some strictness of my parents. Today, I’m looking forward to meet them and have some fun because I love to work with them in aspiring golden years of age. Since 1989 and during our college days, we have lots of fun memories even we only use pagers and telephones in communicating with each other. I’m lucky to study in Manila because I can dial-up a telephone of Adele with .75 cents only and ask for fellow jeromian’s gimmick. Our class is special and incomparable from other class of SJA Bagabag. We have major contributions to our alma mater like funding scholarship in High School and continued support by giving donations or pledges every alumni homecoming. Aside in helping SJA, we established the Bagabag Batch 89 Foundation and done various projects in the community during the 90s. Some of my batchmates now are doctors, lawyers, government leaders but most of them are working in the academe like my bestfriend Andy. Even we have now our own families and it’s really hard to meet them, I am lucky enough to have harmonious relationships with them. They are my colleagues in soaring the golden years in life. Today is the best time to thank my classmates who are very supportive to me and to my online business, the novovizcayano.net and jeromians.net. In fact, they help me establish to become a blogger and that’s reason I volunteered as organizing team for our silver anniversary on December. The planning workshop is scheduled on January 31 here in Manila. If you like to be one of us, please contact me 0923-2381855 or 0916-2373335.

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